Newsletter for November 2017

Hello to my college apps families! November 1st (a major deadline for many college applications) is almost here! See information below for November information and ideas. 

Keep utilizing my calendar to set appointments:

Warm regards, Michelle 

Follow up with each college  Follow up with each of your colleges to be sure that they have received all materials needed to process your application (transcript, test scores, recommendations, main application, etc.).

  • For colleges with November 1 deadlines, TODAY is a great day to call the college or check your status online if available.
  • If you find that something is missing, ask clarifying questions as to the best way to get the information to the college as soon as possible.

Advisor role on the Common Application Many families have listed me as an “Advisor” on the Common Application, which has been terrific to review your information & essays to catch mistakes and make corrections! Please be sure to notify me as each essay is ready for review (main essay as well as essays for each college). To edit information, students and I have connected via phone, FaceTime video, Google Docs to edit as needed. For more information on this new role,

FAFSA Parents and students who have not filled out the FAFSA, now is a great time to do this together.

Students and Parents  Please feel free to text/email/call me as needed. A few minutes for us to chat/clarify/brainstorm/celebrate/comfort together can take away the pain of college applications. Most days, I am available 8:00AM until about 11:00PM, and will get back to you quickly if you need to leave a message.

Speaking of celebrating  Do take time to celebrate milestones in the college application process together! It seems like the deadlines never end, so mark the milestones between start and finish to help keep up the energy. Examples of families marking the milestones together include happy dancing in the kitchen, a special dessert, and a walk around the block together in the evening.

I LOVE to receive texts from students marking when they apply, and I send them virtual confetti in reply. Please call/text/email news of applications submitted, replies received, and scholarships offered. I like to keep a running tally – so far my clients have received  +$1,281,920 in scholarship offers.

Website update  As of October 30, the Paypal link on my website will be working again – thank you for your patience as I know this is a convenient way for many families to pay. You may access online hourly payments (not for packages though) on my website:

For families with a monthly hour-tally, I will send out invoices after the November 1 deadline has passed.

It’s not over yet – still many applications to go!  Keep applying to colleges in November and beyond as many wonderful opportunities are out there. I know a student who learned about his dream college in January of his senior year of high school. He applied and was accepted to the college as well as the college’s soccer team.

It is a pleasure to know so many families supporting their students, and I look forward to talking with you. Thank you for all you are doing together at home!