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Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops, I promote the success of each individual on their educational journey towards their professional aspirations. I specialize in college application advising for prospective undergraduate and graduate students.

While acceptance and scholarships are not guaranteed, my students have been admitted to over 100 top schools and received more than $20 million in scholarship offers.

Meet Coach Michelle

With over a decade of experience, including with my own children, I have a pragmatic yet caring style of advising. Along with deep familiarity of the application process, I understand the emotional investment involved when reaching for a goal, especially with the college application process.

Utilizing my toolkit and wealth of experiences, my students define their goals, write essays from their heart, and keep to the task at hand. My large professional and social networks have been helpful to students as they explore career options.

Advising doesn’t just apply to the students – parents sometimes have more questions than their future college student! I’m here for your family. 

Coach Michelle

Here to help

College Applications

  • Brainstorm college selection and essay topics
  • Spark student’s ideas
  • Clarify direction based on data and personal goals
  • Make a strategic plan of action, set and keep to a timeline
  • Answer questions of all sizes along the journey

Essay Prep

  • Interview students to draw out ideas, interests, and experiences before writing
  • Teach students with critical feedback and assist in considering choices

School Selection

  • Serve as a sounding board for considering academic and scholarship choices
  • Celebrate successes on the journey with my students and families

What People Are Saying

$ 1
in total scholarship offers
$ 1
largest single offer received by an undergraduate student
$ 1
largest single funding offer received by a graduate student

Preparation pays off

While acceptance and scholarships are not guaranteed, every effort is made with those goals in mind.

Success Stories

College tours: not just for students

College visits are an important part of the application process. In our meetings, I talk with students and parents about planning college visits, what to look for on a campus tour, as well as how and why to get off the beaten path while on campus. Also, I encourage students to be aware of the intangible ‘gut feeling’ of being on each campus. Coach Michelle has visited over 40 colleges to ensure that students are applying to schools best suited for their career and long-term interests.

Personalized Prep Packages

All hours for the 2023 and 2024 college application seasons will be conducted via video conferencing and collaborative documents. Payment is due before the first session.

Prep Packages include personalized hours for students, as well as quick texts, phone calls, and e-mails for check-ins, questions, and tips for students and parents. For topics needing more than five minutes, please schedule an appointment on Coach Michelle’s calendar.

Students will assign Coach Michelle as their Common Application Advisor to review materials.

Early Prep has been proven to be especially helpful for families to maximize opportunities during high school in preparation for college applications.

Standard Prep

$ 975 block time paid in advance
  • five (5) personalized hours
  • essay brainstorming & review
  • interview prep
  • networking skills

Graduate & Medical School Prep

$ 200 per hour
  • essay brainstorming & review
  • interview prep
  • networking skills

Calm College Prep

$ 1800 block time paid in advance
  • ten (10) personalized hours
  • essay brainstorming & review
  • interview prep
  • networking skills
Most Popular

Early High School Prep

$ 180 per hour
  • five (5) personalized hours
  • goal and action planning
Head Start

Let's Get Started!

I enjoy getting to know my potential students on a more personal level – I find that it helps both myself and the student succeed. Please send me a message with any questions, or if you’re ready to get started!

Coach Michelle is based out of her home office in Ann Arbor, MI, where she currently provides tele-conferencing advising for future college graduates all over the country. If you require accommodations to meet in-person, please contact Coach Michelle.

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