April newsletter

Happy Spring to my College Apps Families!

So here we are, only weeks away from the May 1 deadline for college deposits. Some of my students have finalized plans, while others are submitting additional applications this week. This is an exciting time of year for me as my junior class has started their application appointments too!

The most I can wish for my seniors is to have a choice in college options by April of senior year. Looking forward to hearing how your family is doing as college deposit day nears. Please free free to reach out to me for short conversations from 7:30AM – 10:30PM.

The Class of 2018 has many choices for college admissions – hard work is paying off! In addition to acceptances, my 2018 seniors have received $1,123,000 in scholarship offers – this is nearly half of my students’ total offers of $2.5 million dollars. This number will grow as a few students are hearing of scholarship offers in the next two weeks.

College visits for admitted schools   Please be sure to visit your top choices for college soon, if you have not done so already. Talk with campus reps, and get off the beaten path to get a feel for the culture of each college.

Mark the completion of the college apps journey   Be sure that you mark the moment as a family when your student makes their college decision. Often in our culture we head back to work before celebrating an accomplishment. College applications are more complex than ever, so be sure to celebrate the end of this journey with your son or daughter.

Facebook    My Facebook page is updated often, please ‘like’ the page to receive timely information:


College Application Road Ahead session on April 22, 3:00-4:00PM    Please pass along an invitation to my next info session: High school students and parents are invited to this informative group session with neighbors & friends! (No fee for this group session.) Group sessions are intended to give families a clear picture of what could be done each year of high school to improve your chances of admission to your dream colleges, as well as accessing available scholarship opportunities. Please RSVP for location information: machiele.m@gmail.com

Online calendar    Please keep utilizing my calendar to set appointments: https://calendly.com/machiele-m

Feel free to contact me as you have questions – this is an important time for our seniors.

Warm regards,  Michelle