Reflecting and looking ahead to the New Year

What a wonderful year of connecting with families for college applications. Here’s a bit of reflection on the ‘old’ year, and a request as we head into the New Year.

2013 may be remembered as ‘the year when they updated the Common Application’ – oh boy! How interesting to be interviewed by a New York Times reporter for a story on the Common App. Though my name did not appear in the article, I appreciated the reporter researching experiences of many students across the country:

The number of students I worked with increased this year, partly due to more graduate school applicants. My high school students this year are from Saline as well as Ann Arbor, grad school applicants from Michigan and Ohio. It is exciting to hear from my students, telling me of acceptance letters as well as scholarship offers. More schools are considering applications as I write so many students are sure to hear big news before the New Year rings in. Keep me posted on your progress!

I am beginning to look at dates for a free College Application talk in January. You may recall that as a part of my commitment to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice through the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), I host monthly College Application Talks for students and parents to educate them about the transition to college. Please email me if you have a preference for a date in January or any month/date in 2014,

Wishing you a prosperous 2014!  Michelle