June College Application Talk

My June College Application Talk was on Sat. June 8, 8:30-10:00AM at the Community Room of Bank of Ann Arbor (2601a Plymouth Rd., 48105) next to Espresso Royale in Traver Village Plaza (under the clock tower).

I am looking at dates at mid July and early August for my next College Application Talk, please email me if you would like to be on the list to receive the exact date and time. Limited seating so please RSVP machiele.m@gmail.com

June – New Beginnings for Seniors and Juniors

June is finally here for the Class of 2013. Congratulations to all of my graduating students. I am so excited for your college plans. Hard work pays off, and you are on your way!

For Junior parents and students, my next College Application Information Session will be June 8, 8:30-10:00 AM. Learn what your family can do this summer to prepare for college applications. 

– This time frame is during the ACT test, so will be convenient for many parents.

– Email me to confirm your attendance, machiele.m@gmail.com.

This looks to be a neat gathering of folks. Remember, there is no cost for the group sessions. I have a lot of important information to share, and I anticipate a lively group discussion too.

What an exciting time of year! Looking forward to seeing everyone at graduation parties around town.