“Michelle has been a huge blessing to our family.  She has given us so much guidance and direction throughout this application process.  She got us off to a good start Junior year thinking things through,  making sure we were aware of test dates and now as we are getting closer to application time has been … Continue reading Alyson, parent

Alyson, parent

“…the whole Baker family highly recommends Michelle as a pre-college advisor.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, wonderfully encouraging, and delightfully humorous!  She will help you demystify this complex process, and you and your high school daughter or son will be well on your way to that next step!”

Margaret, parent

“Michelle helps make the college application process feel much more manageable! She has a very friendly, calming and reassuring presence that can be felt by both parents and students.  She is well versed in the pros and cons of different type of colleges (small/large, public/private, etc.) and does a great job in helping students and … Continue reading Linda, parent

Linda, parent

I’d like to say the hardest part of college is getting in, and I am thankful to you for helping me during the process.

AY, student at University of Michigan

Thank you for your help throughout my U of M application process. I learned yesterday that I have been accepted to the Ross Business School! Thanks again for all your feedback, and taking time to brainstorm with me over the phone.

MY, student accepted to University of Michigan

Strategic thinking – that is what you do. You helped me see my application in a new way, and think of things I did not think of before. Thank you!

RH, received full fellowship to University of Maryland

I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to go to Case Western (note: $20,000 per semester in merit aid)…thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate all of the advice that you gave me, and for helping me to present a more targeted and polished vision of myself. I … Continue reading KS, high school senior

KS, high school senior

I was feeling like I was drowning and now I feel better. You really helped me.

NR, Google employee and previous University of Michigan student

Thank you so much for letting me and my family know about the summer program opportunities at schools like Harvard and about the Joyce Ivy Foundation. It truly would have never crossed our minds without your guidance, but thanks to you I was able to find and attend the summer program at Harvard, which was … Continue reading AB, Huron High School senior accepted to University of Michigan with over $20k scholarships

AB, Huron High School senior accepted to University of Michigan with over $20k scholarships

Thank you so much for all your college application/planning advice. I found everything you had to say so incredibly helpful, and I’ve started looking into a lot of college summer programs that I wouldn’t have even thought about before. Since I’m the first child, there’s so much unknown about the process (and I know you’ve … Continue reading AB, high school junior

AB, high school junior

Michelle helped me a lot with my college application. She was very thoughtful and kind. She answered all of my concerns about the college admissions process. I would recommend her to all high school seniors including those who are new to the American higher education system

SJ, high school senior

I had my interview over the phone today and I think it went really well! I could answer all the questions she asked me without getting stuck at any point, and I still had three questions to ask her by the end of it. I think it was a good conversation overall! I already sent … Continue reading JJ, awarded $100K+ scholarship

JJ, awarded $100K+ scholarship

Thank you so much for all of your help with my college applications process. I ended up applying to nine schools in the end. I was accepted to Kalamazoo College, U of M, UC Santa Barbara, Case Western, and Swarthmore College. After some thought and college visits I have decided I will study at Swarthmore … Continue reading QM, high school senior

QM, high school senior

People told me that my last semester of college would be great. It is actually very hard – I’m balancing deadlines for schoolwork and applications. Thanks for your help.

YF, University of Michigan senior

My mom thought I would never get into college because I just couldn’t start my applications. You helped me so much!

PT, student accepted to the University of Michigan

Our whole family was settling into a new location due to my husband’s job change and our daughter’s college applications were all coming due. Michelle was able to not only fine tune the wording on her essays, etc.  but more importantly to help her consider the suitable options for her here in Michigan. Having someone … Continue reading JT, parent

JT, parent

My daughter sees herself in a different way now. Our house is more calm thanks to you. I can never thank you enough for helping her!

BG, parent

Thank you for all of your advice throughout the college search!  What a fabulous outcome.  I can’t believe it’s all over and we know where (our son) is going to school next year!

RS, parent

Thanks for helping (our son) prepare for his upcoming interview.  He said it was really helpful and reassuring!

JS, parent

Thank you for helping my son while I go to India. I am leaving knowing he is in good hands.

AG, parent

My daughter is so happy! She received another acceptance letter.

LW, parent

You helped my son focus on what his strengths are and how to highlight them for his application. He’ll be using/pulling from his list as he does more apps to more colleges. Thanks so much for your help & support!

KP, parent

Michelle Machiele, you are the very best in helping students and their parents to navigate through this challenging process! We so appreciate you…we thank you & Tyler thanks you too for your support and work with him in the college search, review, app completion (& parental rescue department!) You are terrific.

Kris, parent

You truly care for our family and give us heartfelt advice.

AK, parent, student received +$95K scholarship

Thank you and Go Blue! We really do appreciate all your guidance in this process!

DT, parent

Michelle’s experience with the college application process has been invaluable. She was particularly adept at helping to get our student focused.  She also provided us with strategies for success, and subsequently, we worked more effectively as a team.  Michelle approaches each student with respect and support, and her sense of measured calm quickly spreads to … Continue reading Mary, parent

Mary, parent

We had no idea that college applications were so complicated. Michelle was a godsend in helping my son and our family through the process.

Amy, parent, student received +$100K scholarship

Michelle helped far more than I could have imagined and transformed the whole family’s attitude to a lot more positive than it had been.

Margaret, parent

Michelle! Although it’s likely my mom has updated you on my recent pursuits I wanted to email you to thank you for the help you gave me during my grad school application process. It was a stressful time and having someone to talk to about it made me feel much more comfortable with the applications … Continue reading TB, grad student

TB, grad student

I’d love to hear from you about your experience working with me!  Please send me your remarks on the Contact page.